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And I will never be the same after meeting Gail Peck.


 ”Gail doesn’t really get close to anybody. Once she does, they just shit on her. It’s almost like she’s put up this defensive shell and it’s for a reason. Her instincts say, ‘Don’t trust these people.’ Look at what happened last year with McNally. It’s her friend in the sense that Gail started opening up a little bit more to Andy and trusting her. Then what does she do? She slept with my boyfriend. B**ch!” - Charlotte Sullivan

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  • Salmoneus: PAGEANT! It's called a PAGEANT!
  • Gabrielle: Contest, pageant—it's just a feeble excuse for men to exploit and degrade women.
  • Salmoneus: Wrong as usual, miss sunshine! Since when do we ever need an excuse?!

Gail x Holly - Adorable Dorks

Gail x Holly - Adorable Dorks

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Noelle Carbone (RB’s writer): “Aliyah hit pretty much all of her pitches while Charlotte launched her bat out of sheer terror after every pitch. Which is why they’re both genuinely laughing their asses off in this scene. Charlotte is a menace with a bat.
-Rookie Blue Behind the Scenes Commentary - Season 4, Episode 9

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How anyone believes Gail Peck is cold and heartless is beyond me

Her whole apparent iciness is just a big fat shield to hide behind. She´s the opposite of the stereotype. Cold, heartless, blonde bitch . Sadly, some people only delve so deep and they miss the clues.